Mascara Tears + Mental Illness.

How To Survive The Workday When You’re Hungover & ANXIOUS!

Tips from a girl with a degree in Accidental Hangovers!


The Beauty Of The Breakdown (Part 3)

When you don’t like yourself, you destroy yourself.

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The Beauty Of The Breakdown (Part 2)

There is a beautiful freedom in breaking down.

Traveler hipster looking at winter evening cityscape and purple sky
Girl looking at winter evening cityscape, purple violet sky and blurred city lights

Party Girl Pain: Signs You’ve Been Going Too Hard

Are you abusing the party favors?

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The Beauty Of The Breakdown 

Part One: If you don’t lose your mind you never go looking for it.

How To Avoid Popping A Chill Pill When You’re Anxious AF 

Breathe and remember who you are.

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A young woman with purple hair sitting on some steps outside, looking away playfully.

I Self Medicated My Depression And All I Got Was This Lousy Addiction 

What a rip off! 

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