The Dirty Beauty Mission Statement.

I created The Dirty Beauty because for so long I’ve been searching for a space that celebrates the beautiful, messy, nuances of being a woman. A girl. Both a woman and a girl.

I don’t know about you, but never in my entire life have I met an interesting, magnetic, girl creature who wasn’t a wild contradiction. There are so many of us beautiful misfits buzzing around the city, spilling our glitter all over the pavement, disrupting the scene because no one knows what the hell to do with us.

Yet the most popular platforms on the internet don’t really acknowledge our existence. For they like to stuff women into stifling, sad, little boxes. We’re either health-obsessed, kale-smoothie guzzling, good girls with perfectly manicured fingernails or we’re hot, wasted, messes who have never thought about anything like meditation in our entire party-stricken lives. We’re either hyper-educated intellects or we’re dumb millennials who consider memes to be fine literature. We’re body-positive activists shouting from the rooftops how much WE LOVE OUR LOVE HANDLES or we’re keto-consuming fitness-fanatics with visible abs. We’re blonde or we’re brunette. We’re virgins or we’re victims. We’re traumatized or we’re empowered.

We’re beautiful or we’re dirty.

What about the girls who bear a fine head of raven black hair but every five years or so shock the Instagram masses by transforming into a dramatic platinum blonde? What about the girl who is both deliriously happy and majorly depressed? The girl who attends hot yoga six times a week but sometimes on the weekend slugs back two bottles of shitty champagne and proceeds to feverishly smokes cigarette after cigarette after cigarette? The luxurious-looking babe who prances around town with a giant, real quilted Chanel bag but is secretly waging a war against her wickedly overdrawn bank account? What about the girls who on certain days find their bodies to be so hot they would have sex with themselves if given the opportunity, and other days feel so goddamn ugly they want to hide beneath the sheets forever and ever?

What about the women who every single morning swallow a hefty antidepressant before embarking on an hour-long meditation and the meditating while medicating is really working for them! Where’s her wellness blog?

What about all of us who are able to recognize that multiple things can be true at once? Who feel both empowered and traumatized? Women, who serve as the fearless heroes and the vulnerable victims in the story of their complicated, gorgeous, ever-evolving lives?

What about the girls who are both dirty and beautiful and don’t want to change that about themselves?

The Dirty Beauty is for us. The sequin-scaled party girls who want to better themselves without losing themselves. Bad girls who want to get their shit together without rounding out their sharp edges. Women who don’t fit into your box, nor do they want to.

I see you, my dirty beauty. I am sitting here writing this with unwashed hair and last night’s eyeliner bleeding beneath my eyes. I am dirty and I am beautiful and I am so excited to make a chic AF mess with you.

I vow to make this blog a place for us to be all that we are. A place where we can learn how to depuff our faces after a reckless night out and figure out how to slay in our hard-earned careers. It’s a place where will laugh until we choke and scream until we’re satiated. We’ll talk the wonders of meditation and the peacefulness of Prozac; we’ll marvel over the power of organic Tumeric and the prowess of bad bitch cocktails; we’ll gab about self-care and deep dive into self-destruction; we’ll gossip about mascara and weep mascara tears; we’ll forgive ourselves for our magnificent failures and celebrate our magical manifestations; we’ll embrace our individuality and our sexuality.

More than anything we’ll be a collective of women who are inspired by the truth. Sometimes the truth is scary and sometimes we’re fueled with a burning desire to run far away from it. And when we feel that way we’ll put on a shitty reality TV show and bury our bodies beneath the coziest blankets and support each other until we’re ready to face the uncomfortably stunning truth, again.

For truthfulness is a dirty beauty, isn’t she?

And so are you. You are the truth. When you’re rooted in honesty, you are the most powerful weapon in the world.


Zara Barrie