Party girl pain.

How To Survive The Workday When You’re Hungover & ANXIOUS!

Tips from a girl with an honorary degree in the accidental hangover.


Weekend Warning: Beware Of The PMS Blackout 

Bleeding and drinking is a dark combination.

Under the neon lights

Weekend Warning: Don’t Take Adderall To Party

That bitch will steal more than just your appetite.

Teenage rebels celebrating and partying with colorful smoke bombs

Weekend Warning: Beware Of The Validation Hookup 

Validation sex is always bad sex, anyway.

I Self Medicated  My Depression And All I Got Was This Lousy Addiction 

What a rip off!

Untitled design (1)

Party Girl Pain: Signs You’ve Been Going Too Hard

Are you abusing the party favors?

nny sunglasses at night